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Exciting Announcement!

Kingdom Legacy Partnerships, LLC will be taking a few months off to prepare for new projects, services, products, new operations, structure, and more! Our social media and website will be inactive as we are diligent behind the scenes restructuring, strategizing, planning, and making things happen. We will still service our present clients but will not be taking on any new clients. Stay tuned, as we embark on this journey to become better than ever on the other side!

 in all things business.
Equipping Entrepreneurs  
Kingdom Legacy Partnerships, LLC is designed to equip entrepreneurs for the journey of entrepreneurship, linking tools needed for foundational and exponential growth. KLP is a “one stop shop” providing business connections, services, affordable programs, and resources that will help educate, motivate, and propel businesses forward. Our customized tailor-made services equip entrepreneurs with tools for foundation, sustainability and profitability. 
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