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      Visionary Founder 

        Teresa Satchell    

As Visionary Founder of Kingdom Legacy Partnerships, Teresa Satchell is a key player in training and equipping entrepreneurs to rise to full profitability. In her dual role as Strategic Visionary Partner, she solidifies vision clarity, strategic planning, organization and implementation of systems, tools, and blueprints that propel business FORWARD. Through her strategic sessions, she navigates entrepreneurs to their big picture success markers and helps them tap into their inner-inventory to maximize entrepreneurial momentum. She ensures business owners have a proper foundation, are equipped with needed resources and are connected with other game-changers and opportunities that will impact, shift, and cause their businesses to excel.


Kingdom Legacy Partnerships, LLC is a community of business owners that service, educate, equip, and lead entrepreneurs to excel at every stage and in every area of their business. 


Kingdom Legacy Partnerships, LLC's vision is to be a one stop for all your small business needs and services and to connect you to successful business owners that will transform you and your business in a way that leaves an impact in your industry and community that you serve.

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