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We know that starting a business may seem to be an extraordinary task. In many cases, aspiring entrepreneurs abandon their vision, simply because of the cumbersome tasks and obligations of owning a business.  Here at Kingdom Legacy Partnerships, we are so excited to offer you all the tools and resources necessary to plan for entrepreneurship.

Welcome to the Foundation First Program where you will start your business the right way!  Not only does this program guide you through your journey of entrepreneurship but you also have the exclusive opportunity to gain knowledge and wisdom on how to build your business the right way.  Trailblazers of Faith understand that blessed is the one that finds wisdom. “For the Lord gives wisdom; from His mouth came knowledge and understanding.” Proverbs 2:6

Affordable Investment of 

*Does not include fees to register/operate your business that may be charged by entities such as your state, county, etc.)


Take a look at the dynamic resources that you will have access to, if you register now! It is guaranteed to get your business up and running the right way.  Don’t abandon your dreams. Invest in you and your future and live the life of freedom you deserve!

 Access to our full Online Business Course Foundation First: Start Your Business the Right Way
This interactive course includes instructional and motivational videos, learning experiences from other
entrepreneurs, guidance on building your business after you start it, and more! 

Step by Step E-Guide to Starting a Business in North Carolina ($9.99 value)                                           This E-Guide is downloadable in our online business course. It will show you step by step how to start your business the RIGHT way from the ground up, ensuring you have a solid foundation. Steps will ensure you are meeting federal, state, city, and county requirements. Other special topics are included that will be helpful on your journey of building a great business, such as deciding on a business structure, social media presence, opening a bank account, business insurance, what documents you should have in place for your business, and building a website. Specific links, contacts, and more are provided in each step. In addition, other numerous resources and how-to's are listed to show you what is needed to continue to operate your business successfully.

Planning Worksheets are included! 

The worksheets pose important questions that you need to answer when building your business such as "What payment forms will you take?" and "What platform will you use to take payments?". These questions help you with the next phases; operating your business and preparing to service clients/customers. 

30 Minute 1-on-1 Consultation

What's next? Meet with a consultant to get connected to customized resources, ideas, systems, and tools that will help PROPEL your business forward. At the end of the course, a link will be provided for you to schedule your consultation.

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